VR Case Story Intro:


Immersion is a psychological state characterized by perceiving oneself to be enveloped by and included in an environment. 360° videos are an innovative video format which allows the audience to become deeply immersed in their content.

As applied to a virtual environment (VE), presence refers to experiencing the computer-generated environment rather than the actual physical locale. Presence should increase as a function of VE scene realism. Scene realism manifest through cues to direct the viewers attention and cues to acknowledge the viewer as a part of the VE, that is providing a continuous stream of stimuli and experiences trough illusions. Through an understanding of techniques used to create the illusion of motion in traditional animationfilm it was possible to create the 360° immersive experience Hide & Seek.

Hide & Seek:


The Story takes place in a silhouette noir-environment very much inspired by the danish coast. It is a philosophic story about loss. Through the story a little girl, Lisa, is being haunted by her dead twin sister, Anabel, who tries to lure her into playing Hide & Seek. As a viewer you will be taken to different locations near the danish coast and even see bunkers of the second world war. As the story evolves the world around you becomes more and more fantastic as Lisa gets closer to finding her dead sister.


360 grader video, også kendt som immersiv video eller spherical video, giver beskueren en unik mulighed for at se i hvilken som helst retning, når de ser videoen. Det er en underholdende oplevelse, der åbner op for mange nye fortelleteknikker. Jeg har en personlig interesse i at holde mig opdatere på mulighederne indenfor VR, da jeg tror på, at der er ligger mange spændnede muligheder i teknikken, også indenfor markedsføring.


Environment Test:


Understående er en test der havde til formål at afprøve textur i Blender 2.8 Evee Render Engine, der endnu ikke kan exportere i formatet equirectangular. Testen gik kort fortalt ud på, om det var muligt at sætte en video sammen med elementer skabt i Evee.

Denne korte oplevelse er frit tilgængelig, så du kan med fordel prøve den ved at se videoen i et VR headset eller blot ved at gå ind på YouTube appen på din mobil og 'dreje' rundt om dig selv. Hvis du sidder ved en computer kan du også bruge musen til at navigerer rundt i videoen. 




Projection mapping is a video projection technology in which video is mapped onto a surface. For instance video mapping can be used to turn objects, such as buildings, runways, stages and even water into moving displays. These surfaces become a canvas in which delightful experiences created with light can tell stories thought illusions.

Projection mapping immerses consumers into an experience. This is quite important since research has shown that millennials, in particular, would rather invest in an experience than a product. Using video mapping to explain science, or create a 'live' costumer journey could be the future of teaching methods or used widely in marketing.

Underneath are 3 videos filmed on an iPhone. These videos are test-examples recorded before creating the final pieces of mapping for a show. Since every surface and location is different it is an advantage to go through numerous tests to find the challenges and advantages before a show for the chosen location and the type of equipment available.


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